Rothschild Mansion In Haifa:

אחוזת רוטשילד

If you are looking for the best vacation resort in the north of Israel, in Rothschild mansion, at the heart of Haifa, you will find the perfect combination between the nature and the exciting activities of the city. The mansion located at the top of the Carmel Mountain and enjoys a stunning view. It was built a century ago by the baron Rothschild and now days it is a boutique hotel that offers its guests luxury vacation, standing in line with the leading hotels around the world.

Rothschild mansion is a small, familial boutique hotel that offers an intimate hosting and happy to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The quiet resort will allow you to recharge your batteries and enjoy it.

The hotel provides a solution for couples who want a luxurious vacation, and has royal suites with a huge Jacuzzi, large plasma screens, wide bed and a full-service spa.

Our location is : Street Galil 41 , Haifa, zip code 3268754